No New Property

Yes, we didn't get the property across the street. They were selling it for $79,900 before it went to auction, and the winner on the auction paid $60,000 for it. That is only $20,000 off the original price.

The only thing I can think of, is the winner did not know what they are asking for it to begin with. The highest we are going to give them for it was $27,000, because that is how much an acre lot goes for in our area. I think the buyer paid way too much for it. Unless the buyer is looking for a return (after fixing it) of something in the 200K.

With the economy, I don't think they sell it for that amount. Or maybe there are a couple who does know any better. Then yes, they will be able to sell it for that much. The dryer area I hope for is gone...

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