First Cut of the Season

This is our front yard, after DH cut it today. You can see across the street a sign for an auction. Yes, the house across the street from mine could be ours, with a little luck. I am hoping we win it at the auction sometime on the third week of May. You can see three fruit trees in our front yard. And yes, the mulch is not in place yet. Maybe I should have said, "the mulch did not made it to our house yet."...:))

The image below was taken last Wednesday from out backyard. DH was able to cut it once today. He ran out of fuel and he don't want me to go to the gas station to buy some more. He knew I hate driving his truck. I can't see very well in it, being small as I am...:))

Anyway, let's get back to the house across the street from mine. The house is a wreck. The people who own it, really made a mess before they left it to the bank where they got the mortgage from. The inside was much better layout than ours, but it looks like the design of a trailer. The walls and ceiling is as of a trailer, but it has two car garage, garage opener, four bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 bath. However, whatever we are willing to pay for it, is just the price of the land. We are thinking the house will cost thousands to repair. Furthermore, I bet the septic and well work just fine.

If we can win it, we will move our garden there, because the ground is higher in that side of the street. I don't have to worry about not having a garden at all. Power lines are in place and water just in case I need to water the vegetables have an easy access. I wish for luck here...send me some good vibes my readers. It would be nice to own two lots in the neighborhood. Have a great week.

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