Can You Believe It (More Snow)

Yes, you hear it right, more snow starting tonight. My backyard is not getting a break at all. It was almost dry about two weeks ago, now wet again and getting wetter...ugh. I will be starting my seeds inside the house this weekend. At least they will be bigger, by the time we get the ground till and ready. I'm hoping they don't grow too fast, because I don't know where am I going to put them all.

We are also getting some fruit trees, finally. My peach will not be the only fruit tree in the backyard. We will go out this weekend to get them. They will be taller than me or DH because we don't want to wait too long for them to fruit. We have four children to feed and scared what will happen with the government. DH may not have any job soon, at least with fruit trees and vegetables, we can get by.

DH friend who lives about 10 minutes away from us will be helping with the seedlings too. We are mostly going to plant been seeds. I'm hoping we have enough days to harvest them dry. They are far better than canned beans or frozen ones. We are looking at them as long term storage. We can have fruits, jams and boiled beans if ever US belly up. Scary, I never had any time in my life where I can't buy food. Even when I was still little, my parents made sure we have something to eat. However, northeast US is not even close weather wise, to where I came from.

Six months growing and harvesting will not feed six mouths. Back home, my parents plant vegetables all year round and they also have chickens, pigs, or my father goes to the ocean to fish. Here, you need to have licensed to fish, and we are far away from any body of water. We can't have chickens because we know that our jerk neighbor will not stop until we get rid of it. I wonder how good is the power of prayer...hmm.


More Snow

Another late start for my garden again. And to think today is the first day of spring here. I was thinking last week that the ground will get dry soon, but no. More snow will get melted within the few days, adding more water to my garden...ugh.


Snows Are Melted

Wohoo, I can finally see my yard with the brown grass. I was in central & south NJ for the last two weekends and boy, they are having such a warm temperature over there.

I can't still do some soil mixing because my backyard ground is very soft. They are good for mud pies right now.

DH will be going back to work tomorrow for 2011 season. I will sure going to miss him being around during learning hours for our children. Plus I am more at ease when he is around during the day.

Oh well, someone has to make a living. And I can't help him much either. Tending with our children and my soon 2011 vegetable garden makes him happy. I already started planting seeds inside the house. Hopefully my timing is just right.