Our First Snow of the Season

Yup, the much awaited (by the children) snow came today. Last week I saw it was going to be on Christmas Day. However, as the week progresses, it went to Christmas night, then finally the day after. It did not start until one in the afternoon today.

I'm not really sure much we got yet, but our children are very excited about it. They can finally go down on our little hill in the backyard. I will be spending some time outside with them tomorrow.

The best part is, from now on, the day will get longer everyday. I can't wait for spring and planting time again.


MAC said...

I'm in Charlotte, NC and we had our 1st White Christmas (evening) in years. It was beautiful but I was glad to see it go away. We had another one this past Sunday night and it's still there!

Nedekcir said...

Yes, I remember. So far the southern states are getting more than us lately...not that I am complaining...he he he