My Vegetable Garden is Done

For the season that is. I will never stop planting vegetables. I wanted to plant all the vegetables we eat next season. Buying the veggies in our local farmers market is not safe anymore. Why do they need to compete with commercial farmers. I like my vegetables all natural. It's bad enough I have to buy fish from farm raise, vegetables too? I need a balance here and I will make it balance.

DD was bugging me too much today to pick the pumpkins/squash. Since we are off for a holiday, I tried to harvest everything I can. Saved the seeds of long beans, okra and pak choy. Our friend wanted some seeds and there are plenty to share.

I even removed the fence and put them dry and safe from rust in our garage. My min-van have to share it if I wanted to use them again next year. We are moving the garden where the sun can reach all parts of the garden next year. DH have to till again from a scratch but we both agree that the outcome will be abundance.

I still need to make a mix of garlic powder and some kind of oil if I will plant some lettuce next year. If I don't make it, I bet we will never harvest lettuce to eat. The bugs will be all over them, just like what they are doing with my pak choy, rabe broccoli and other leafy vegetables.

My next post will have the pictures of harvested carrots and pumpkins/squash.

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