The Harvest

Here are what I harvested last week. Some of the carrots are being eaten by something. This ones are much better than last year. DH tilled the soil well this year and my carrots turned out good. I still have 1 or 2 that are oddly shaped. That is what happened when they touch some rocks.

Here are the squash/pumpkins that I was talking about. I know 2 or 3 pieces are acorn squash. I'm not sure what the others are.

And below is what I use some of the carrots above. Sweet and sour fish. I did not have any bell peppers in my garden this year, so, there is no pepper with this recipe. This picture can be also found in my cooking blog. This is it, for the 2010 season. I hope you all have a great winter and free from cold and flu.


Sad we cannot grow this in Singapore since we are staying in the city. The harvest looks really really good and yummy!

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I think the best thing for you is container gardening.

That produce looks great! Most homegrown carrots don't look that thick.

@ RetroCollage, I think it depends on what type of carrots it is.

hi there! i added your link to my blog. this is very inspiring. i'd like to grow my own veggies next spring. Where are you from by the way? we use to plant in hawaii. Thanks and merry christmas!

Thanks for the comment Pearl. I am residing in PA.