I only got 1 peach from the fruit tree this year. DD actually got 2 but it wasn't too ripe yet when she picked them. Three weeks ago DH told me that I should go out there and pick them but our weekend was too busy and I didn't have any time to pick them.

When I finally got out, we only have one still attached on the branch and nothing on the ground. I wasn't satisfy that everyone of the fruit was taken by someone or something. I looked carefully on the ground and found plenty of pits. I picked them all up and buried them in my garden. I am hoping they grow and I can move them when they are big enough.

I can't believe it, we had so much fruit but I got next to nothing. One of the reason that I didn't hurry picking them up, because DH was telling me that we are not allowed to eat the fruit until the tree is 5 years old. Well we asked around with some old and young people that knew more about the bible than us, and they came with the conclusion that those law only applies in the old days. Not really sure if it's true but we both think it make sense.

So, next year, I really have to watch the tree and make sure to harvest them before they fall on the ground.



Finally, I have two small cantaloupe. I was been talking about this things since the beginning and they all turned out to be squash... It happens when I don't know what I am planting. The seeds looks all the same, well except for the cantaloupe.

I think the one below is ripe. I have to go back there later when the dew are dried up and check on it.

I will post our ripe peaches next time. We have talk to some people and we decided that the fruit tree law in the bible was for the people in the past. So, we will be picking the peaches pretty soon. Maybe I will try making a pie or preserve, depending which one is better for human consumption.


My Collection of Squash(es)....:P

I apologize for not posting the squash/es (that just makes me smile) images sooner. But here they are now, I think each one came from different vines. I recognize the acorn squash but the others I don't have any idea what type of squash they are. Let me know if you recognize anything.

DH call all of them pumpkins...lol

You can click on anyone of them to see it bigger. I usually keep it this size but I made an exemption with them...today :))

I will try to take another picture before we pick them for Halloween.

Below is what I call Acorn Squash.