I Can't Keep Up

The weeds in my garden is growing faster than I can take it out. Most days I can do it for a few hours, but when it rains or showers like they say, "they grow like weeds." I really don't mind weeding but this is ridiculous. My shoulder, hands, fingers are in pain after a few days doing it...whew!

My sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, beans, okra, bok choy, carrots, and rabe broccoli are growing nicely too. A lot of bugs are eating the leaves of my bok choy and caterpillars are enjoying the leaves of my rabe broccoli too. The broccoli, I can keep up, but those little black bugs on my bok choy are too many, too little and can fly, I can't get rid off.

Anyway, I will post some pictures soon.


Summer Rain & Cats/Kittens

I do love it because I don't have to water my garden. But I hated it because when finally the weeds are tall enough to pull, I can't because a sudden downpours poured when I wanted to weeds. Argh, very annoying...it feels like the cloud is watching me saying, "oh look she is out again weeding, let me rain on her." It is very nice to pull the weeds too because after a rain the ground is very soft. I don't need my trowel to help me pull them. And when I accidentally pulled one of my veggie, i just pack it down and good as new.

Sweet Potatoes

I went out the second time, and I can hear from the woods the rain drops. I waited until it's on top of me, just in case it will not come to my direction but no luck. Right smack on top of me, I had to ran back inside the house. My kitty (my 4 month old male cat, he was from the 1st litter of our 1st cat) was keeping me company weeding and joined me inside the house too...lol.


They are both people cat, if we are outside, they are outside and when we go for a walk, they come too. I love both of them. Anyway, his mother gave birth to her 2nd litter of the year yesterday. She have 3 kitten this time, the 1st time she had 4. This time the kittens are mostly black, compare to the last one with white/cream stripes, orange stripes, gray stripes and black stripes (we kept). The color this time are 2 black stripes and 1 black and white.

We listed the 1st one in Craigslist, and was gone the same day we listed the 3 kittens. We are planning on doing the same thing this time. I still wanted cream and orange stripes cats. Maybe next year when the mother is getting old, I can talk DH on keeping those colors. We didn't on the first time because the one we kept was the most playful one and still is until now. He is our stress reliever here at home, and he knows how not to use his claws when playing with us too. What I like the most is when he stand up and hug my leg, then run away...lol.

This part was weeded for a day, mostly pak choi/bok choy.

Ok, to others I may sound like a cat nut just about now. So, enjoy the pictures from my garden. Some part are weeded and the biggest part is not. I am working on it...lol.