Our Fruit Tree

I finally had a chance to take a picture of our fruit tree. I know I have mentioned before that we are getting more, but the good ones (organic not GMO) are hard to find. There are places that sell some but they are too far away from us and I wanted to go with DH to pick it up. Meaning we need to drive 2 vehicles because I can't leave the kids home alone and DH truck can only 2 comfortably. We are a family of 6, he used to have a big work truck, he sold it because it was a fuel hugger. One of this days, we will plant a new fruit tree. More likely in fall or spring.

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By MelCole of PA said...

Yep yep, you should more fruit trees :) What kind of fruit tree d you have? Do you do canning? We canned our pears from the two pear trees we have, we planted an empire apple tree last year, this year it has 5 fuits but one fell off two weeks ago.