Our Fruit Tree

I finally had a chance to take a picture of our fruit tree. I know I have mentioned before that we are getting more, but the good ones (organic not GMO) are hard to find. There are places that sell some but they are too far away from us and I wanted to go with DH to pick it up. Meaning we need to drive 2 vehicles because I can't leave the kids home alone and DH truck can only 2 comfortably. We are a family of 6, he used to have a big work truck, he sold it because it was a fuel hugger. One of this days, we will plant a new fruit tree. More likely in fall or spring.


Our Garden

Here is the picture, finally...lol. I already taken a picture a long time ago but I accidentally delete it from ODS camera. I thought I load them in my PC but I can't find them. Which means I deleted it before loading into my PC...:(

There are not much to see here yet but my melons (cantaloupes). However, when I went out there today, (watched the kids in the pool) I saw my beans coming out along with basil, carrots and sweet potatoes. Our first day of summer is tomorrow and I have nothing to show for it. I really need to bug DH next year to start early and I need to start my seeds inside the house. The way my is going now, there will be no saving for the winter and no seeds for the next season. This is not good. It does not help either during spring, because the kids are very busy with their meetings in March and April. Meaning I am busy too...:(


My Garden is Very Late

Yesterday, DH finally mixed the soil for the last time. I have some cantaloupe growing and I planted it when he finished. I did not planted any seeds because I am saving the job for today. And guess what happened, all day today? Yes, it rained all day. That is what I got for waiting. Plus, my parents remind me not to plant anything early in the week because it will not fruit as much when doing it later in the week.

I have not really proven it yet, but hey, I am applying the my parents old wives tale in my garden. I got nothing to loss but missing a day of planting. I will definitely take a picture of the garden before the weeds grows again. I will do it first thing in the morning, unless it's raining again.

I can't wait to see how my vegetables will turn out this year.