Spring Brought Me Down

Soon or later I know it was coming, and it did at the beginning of this month. Having no help around the house, it was hard trying to get some rest and trying to get better at the same time. I still have my daily duties to do even though I am not feeling very well.

I haven't taken a picture of my garden because I feel it does not look presentable at this point. DH only mixed it once and the weeds on it are starting to grow again. He got some things to do yesterday, and today he helped DD do some project outside. It wasn't even dry yet and they all ruined it. I would say probably 3 of our kids help messing it all up.

The good news, my peach/nectarine has so many buds this year. I think half of it will still fall, but it's about 90% more this year than last year. Everywhere I look, I can buds. Too bad we can't touch the fruits until it is 5 years bearing fruits (a bible thing). I went out there today without camera, and I did not feel like going back inside the house just for it. I take a shot the next time the kids are outside.

Anyway, how is your spring so far? My garden will be late again this year, and I'm not sure if I can freeze anything again, just like last year. The first frost of September is always a killer. I want to move to the tropic...who is with me...:)).