Active Droppers for February

Thank you ani birds

Thank you so much everyone. It will not very long, this blog will be active again. As soon as the snow melts off the ground, I will starts the updates.


Fantastic! I made it to your list last month!

Thanks a lot for the love link however I want to inform that I now have a new domain at .
If you could update the link to my new domain, I would much appreciate it. Again, many thanks and happy blogging! :D

I'm just now figuring entrecard out and see you dropped some cards on me. Thank you and I will be reciprocating. Love your blog and can't wait until its gardening time again.

@June, you are welcome. I already change it.

@ Lisa, you are welcome and thank you for stopping by.

June is a consistent and a dropper with conviction.....
he is one of the top on my blog too.....

congrats to all the top droppers

Thanks for the linky love and also thanks for dropping on me too!