17 Pounds of Food

DH empty our food bucket that weight 17 pounds. The ground here was very wet yesterday and today it is very hard because our temperature is in the single digit. DH covered the rotting food with turf to keep the wild animals from eating it. We really don't mind then eating it but we figure that they will keep coming back when our garden is done in the spring. They might ruin our garden or worst eat everything we are going to grow there.

Hopefully with the cold weather they will not smell it. We probably have to dig a trench again to keep the water running in our garden. We don't know where the end will land but hoping away from the garden.

I am getting cold sitting in front of my pc right now. I think it's time to put a second pair of socks just about now. Tomorrow I am thinking about using our above ground pool to ice skate. What do your think? I think we might brake it with our ice skate and have a big block of ice in the backyard until spring. That would be so funny.


Frozen Or Wet

I don't we can do anything in my garden until the ground is dry and not covered with snow. That will be more likely sometimes in spring. We had some nice day, but that means the ground is still pretty soak in water. We may have to haul some dirt from the farm where we buy our raw milk to add to my raise beds for spring.

We also started saving food scraps to add as compose for it. I think we need to put it in a barrel to stop the animals for eating it. Now my kitchen is getting smaller with all this things that we are doing to be self sufficient (somewhat, just starting). Wish us luck!!!


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