I Harvested Some Carrots

Maybe someone can tell me what is wrong with them. Is the ground to wet or not mix enough? They don't seems to grow downward but outward. The one in the middle is hardly orange. When I open and cut the top and biggest one, the middle is very watery and it does not taste like carrots and the outside part is just fine.

They almost look like radishes or beets with the shapes. I will try again next year and I shall not give up...lol.


it look like like your carrots have started to fork in places and this is due to lack of moisture in the ground...you could try making your soil finer next year and maybe digging a trench around your carrot bed so it the weather is dry you can water in the trench which will send moisture to the tips encouraging them to grow downwards instead of the moisture being on the surface making the carrots grow fat and short

It’s always a bummer when you see how large and nice and round the carrot tops are only to pull them out and find a stumpy twisted mess on the other end….. >_<

Thanks Tanya and SP8. I was pretty sure the water and the soil had something to do with it.

Have a great week.

Your carrots will do that if they hit rocks. Do you have rocks in your dirt?

I was told that they did not have enough loose soil to grow it. I have some funky carrots like that as well...