My Vegetable Garden Received an Award

Thanks to Rumpleteazer of Smallholdersdiary. It nice to be known by some people in blogosphere even though we don't actually know each other. Thank you so much.


Raise Beds

Right now we are trying to get prices on woods that we can put around our raise beds for the garden next spring. Our ground is just too wet and not enough vegetables grew this year. The first year we did our vegetable garden we did great because most of the water goes into our garage. This year we re-directed the water flow and it goes to where our garden is.

We are pricing the wood that is not treated with arsenic (sp?). I think it start with "L" but I can't seems to have the rest of it...lol. Anyway, soon or later I will get it. We will make it about 4 feet wide, so I can reach 2 feet from both side. We also have two canopies about 7 or 8 feet long to cover it to have an early start in spring.

A friend of ours sent us the videos of this family who grow organic vegetables in California in their 10th of an acre on raise beds. Interesting but I don't think we grow that much (6000 pounds) vegetable in a year. We are just trying to grow enough for our own use. If we can grow enough, now the problem will be "how to feed my kids what I grow". That would be an interesting battle...lol.

That's all for an update. I will not be posting much here until we do things in our garden. Wish me luck with the raise beds. I think I will like because I don't have to squat to weeds them.


I Harvested Some Carrots

Maybe someone can tell me what is wrong with them. Is the ground to wet or not mix enough? They don't seems to grow downward but outward. The one in the middle is hardly orange. When I open and cut the top and biggest one, the middle is very watery and it does not taste like carrots and the outside part is just fine.

They almost look like radishes or beets with the shapes. I will try again next year and I shall not give up...lol.