Gourd (Repost)

Can you see four gourds here. Yes, and that is only from one vine. First year with this gourd was very nice, then it went downhill because of the weather. Not enough warm months from where I am.Gourd/UpoThis was taken three years ago when my gourd had plenty of fruits. My father was so surprise when he saw that we got so much.

Gourd/UpoThis one was the old fashion ones that came from back home. I still prefer the mini ones because with the big ones I had to eat it all week long. That is just too much for one single person.



Anonymous said...

These look great...I have never tried gourd...either growing or eating it so I am only going on visual presentation...I hope you enjoyed them. How would you cook them???

Nedekcir said...

I only got two recipes for this and they are from my parents. We peeled then and cut into about an inch big. I only cooked them with tomatoes or with vermicelli noodles. They are very watery and you don't even need to add water or broth when cooking it. You will find the picture here with tomatoes.