Peaches Update

PeachesLook at them, after two weeks they almost ready to be pick. You can see below what they look like two weeks ago. I'm hoping I can pick them before they fall on the ground. Makes me wonder too if I can plant the seeds to have another tree, but I have my doubt it may not grow.


they look delicious...I think you should plant one of the stones in a pot and see how it goes..after all you've lost nothing if it doesn't grow!!!

Yes Tanya, I was thinking about it. Thanks for stopping by.

I would love to grow peaches, it is definately something on my list! Yours are looking good, some nice baked peaches for tea...

lol, I only have three this year. I hoping for more next year to get some preserve and pies. thanks Rosie.

Wow they look great. I think it might be too cold where I am to plant them here.

I think so too, Mark. Thanks.

Dang I wish I had a peach tree. My Grandmother use to have one in her back yard. I loved going to visit her in the summer and eat fresh peach cobbler :D

They look amazing... makes me want to go out and plant one! I really REALLY want a fig tree in my backyard... I just might do that in the spring.