Peaches Update

PeachesLook at them, after two weeks they almost ready to be pick. You can see below what they look like two weeks ago. I'm hoping I can pick them before they fall on the ground. Makes me wonder too if I can plant the seeds to have another tree, but I have my doubt it may not grow.


For Your Information

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Peaches This Year

PeachesThis is my Nectarine tree with only three fruits on it. I think we are having Peaches this year because the fruits are velvety. It has the texture of peach. From what I read they fruit peach one year and peach the next, is it right?

Anyway, DH drag me out there yesterday and show me that they are getting big. I agree they are pretty much noticeable now. We have to prune the tree when the leaves falls because it is tall and we can't reach the top of it anymore. I am also looking on buying some other fruit trees this fall.


Nothing Much

This is the end of my garden for this year. I already stopped weeding and now trying to let some seeds matured for next year seeds. My carrots are starting to die because the ground is plain too wet for them. I pulled a few of them this weekend and they are starting to rot under the ground.

I am hoping for warmer temperature, less rain next year and hopefully I can start early. My okra/lady finger are trying to fruit and they are only a foot tall. Lucky I still have some seeds from last year.

I can't even get some sweet potato tops because the temperature already made the leaves very hard, even if I cook them longer than I usually do. How I wish I live in the tropic in this situations.