My Garden's Update

RapunzelThis are my Rapunzel, the leaves are getting eaten by something, the same with my pak choy. Yes, that is our cat, she follows me to my garden. The grass/weeds are better than my vegetables. This was the part I weed first, and look are them weeds now.

CarrotsMy carrots are getting bigger everyday. But little bunnies keeps eating the leaves on some.

Roma TomatoThis is my biggest roma tomato and our cat modeling behind it.

Rabe BroccoliMy one and only big rabe broccoli I have. The rest are just 1 inch tall.


Anonymous said...

I thought the cat was a tree trunk in the first photo..lol!! I hope you don't get to dis-heartened when everythings not going right..we all have major disasters.....just keep at it!!!

Nedekcir said...

lol, her whole body was in the picture when I pressed the shutter on my camera, but she was too fast and moved before I actually got the picture.

Thanks for stopping by.

tollykit said...

Cute cat and good luck with the veggies. I can't grow anything except weeds.

Nedekcir said...

Yes tollykit, my weeds are growing faster this year for me. I think the best way to get ahead of the weeds is to mix the soil very well.

I will try it next year and hopefully my veggies grows first before the weeds.

Thanks for stopping by.