My Vegetable Garden @ Present

Bok Choi

My Vegetables GardenRabi Broccoli

My Vegetables GradenRegular Potatoes and sugar snap peas

My Vegetables GardenI think these are carrots

My Vegetables GardenThese I still don't know what

My Vegetables GardenCan you see how much weeds I got in this garden. We had so much rain, and this is what happened, dried crack/pack and very hard to weeds garden. From very muddy, now very dry packed. The weeds grows faster than my vegetables. I'm not really sure how much vegetables I can harvest this year.

My Vegetables GardenThese are my sweet potatoes, they are getting bigger everyday, well at least bigger than the weeds. I put some stakes for the extra sugar snap peas (not in the picture) and my long yard beans. Hopefully they thrive in this weather, too wet, too cold at night for a summer.


Anonymous said...

I think you definately have some carrots there...I didn't realise when mine first started growing and dug quite a few up thinking they were weeds...Oh well at least I know for next year. Good luck getting those weeds out...I have full sympathy for you!!

Nedekcir said...

Thanks, I tried the weeds today but no luck. We had rain last night and it was pretty heavy too, but still very hard to pull. :)

coolingstar9 said...

I admire you that you have the vegetable garden.
I can imagine that you surely put lots of efforts in growing different type of vegetables.
I hope you can have more harvest this year.
I remembered that I like to go to my vegetable garden frequently when I the small kid and stayed in the villiage.
Whenever I saw those vegetables grown up, I felt extremely happy. my mother always cooked dried rice with long beans, so fresh and tasty.
This is the intersting post which trigger me thinking my beautiful childhood.
Best wishes to you and hope to see you on my blog site if you are free.
Have the nice day, smile.

Nedekcir said...

Thank you coolingstar.

MommaWannabe said...

Sis what a great job! You know I am a bit of jealous...I wish I could do my gardening too!

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SP8 said...

Looks like you could do with a layer of mulch to protect your soil and keep all those weeds down a bit. Hope it works out for you!