Visible Vegetables

Some of the sprouts I can't really tell what they are yet. But the bigger ones I can tell, plus I remember where I planted them.

My Vegetable GardenThis ones could be broccoli or bok choi, I'm not really sure yet. I just have to wait when it gets bigger.

My Vegetable GardenThis ones are my long yard beans (sitaw). One of my favorite oriental vegetables.

My Vegetable GardenSugar snap peas, DH and Pat (YDS) favorites. I really need to put the fence up for support on these.

My Vegetable GardenRegular potato, I can't believe they are out.


Sweet Potato

My Vegetable Garden My sweet potatoes are getting bigger. I know this is only one bush but I planted them far apart and I can only take one of them in one shot. I don't really care about the actual potatoes, I like the tops better. My garden is getting there.


Planted Yesterday

Thank goodness I had a chance to plant some seeds yesterday. I planted sugar snap peas, carrots, broccoli, basil, okra, Rapunzel, plum tomatoes, bok choi and long beans (sitaw). I also have rice seeds, eggplants, corn, gourd, and bell peppers. I don't think I'm planting them this year. I am worry that it will not make it before the first frost.

Now the wait begun.


Our Garden

It's finally getting into shape. This is taken from my house window. We removed the plastic cover yesterday and I planting some potatoes where the arrow is pointing. After doing so DH came out telling me how ugly the dirt looks. I really don't mind, I just wanted to plant the seeds we have. I weeds are dead and it is nice to have them sprout out before the weeds grows back. He wants me to wait until Wednesday to plants the seeds. (I can't wait that long.)
My Vegetables Garden


Bolting Lettuce

Lettuce plants mature and go to seed very quickly. The stalk you are seeing is the stem on which a flower and subsequently seeds will be produced. There is nothing you can do to stop the process. Cool weather may slow it down, but the plants will eventually produce a flower stalk and go to seed (called bolting), and it happens fastest in hot weather. Many gardeners make successive plantings of lettuce every other week or so. This will provide a continuous supply of young, vigorous lettuce to harvest from early spring through fall. There are varieties that are more bolt-resistant--look for this quality when reading descriptions in seed catalogs.


More Visible Nectarine Fruit

Here is my nectarine tree. I can easily see the fruits now. So far I counted four, I can't wait to taste my home grown fruit.
Make sure you click the picture to see it better.

I even put an arrow to it, to see where they are.


Plant Melons

Once the soil is warm(65F), plant melons. Cantaloupes, honeydews, and watermelons like fertile, warm soil and plenty of water. Plant seeds in circles 5 to 6 feet apart and thin to the strongest two plants per circle.