Control Corn Earworms

As corn begins to mature, you may notice a worm in the end of the ears. The corn earworm larvae feed on silks and kernels. The damage is limited to ear tips, so cut that part off when harvesting.


Covered with Plastic

DH and I covered our garden Sunday morning to keep the dirt warm. Sunday evening we had about 27°F for the low or lower (I didn't check). And like I mention below it was pretty wet and muddy. DH was not able to mix it very well the last he tried.

We are hoping to make the dirt warm and dry-up faster. We had to put logs and bricks to hold it down too, because when the wind blows the plastic goes up and fly away.

The kids wanted to play in the swimming today and I noticed there are patches of water on top. We had 82°F today for the high, you would think that water should not be there, but they are. Hopefully DH will be able to mix it again this weekend. My seeds should be on the ground by now, argh...it's too wet to plant.


April Rains May Bring More Rains

It won't stop, we have an early April nice weather the kids are even in the pool way before May. Now we are having not so nice weather and it's raining too much. My garden will not get dry and very muddy right now. My neighbor planted their garden today. They only buy ready to plant vegetables. And they are about 4 inches high already. Mine in the other hand is not even in the ground.

Waah, I want my vegetables garden.


The Beginning of My Garden

Here is my garden. It's not done yet because when DH mixed the soil it was very muddy. I think he will mix it again at the end of May when there is less rain and the ground is less wet. By the way this is going we are not going to have good harvest this year. The herbs and vegetables I wanted to plant takes longer to fruit/matured.

We still need to dig around it for the water to stay out. And put the fence around the whole thing. I have about half of it last year and the year before that. And you should have seen it the first time we started. It was like 5 feet by 5 feet round. Now this looks like 15'x15' or bigger, I did not actually measure it.


Control Squash Bugs

These greenish-gray, 1/2-inch long bugs are found sucking plant juices on underside of cucumber, melon, squash, and pumpkin leaves. Crush the masses of shiny brown eggs when found and pick and destroy the young and adults.


Grow Container Eggplants

Growing eggplant in 12-inch wide containers filled with potting soil allows you to reduce the chance of eggplants being killed by wilt disease and let's you place the plant in the sunniest location.