My Nectarine

My youngest DS and I was walking around the property and I saw my Nectarine tree have blossoms. I may not get a very nice size Nectarine this year however, I'm happy because it finally flowered. I bought it from a mailing catalog when we moved here. After 6 long years I can taste it.
Click on the image to see the flowers.

We also bought a almond tree for DH, but he ran it over with the lawn mower and it never grew back the last time he did. He also cut my Nectarine tree once, but I am clever enough to put tomato cage around it. It should be bigger than what it is now and I'm surprise it grew back after he ran it over. I guess it is really for us. We are also looking for apple trees but we can't find the ones we wanted. Hopefully we can find some soon.

I will add the picture later, I still have to go out there and take a picture of it.

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