Cage Tomatoes

Vigorous tomato varieties need to be supported to keep plants and fruit off the ground. For the simplest support construct a 6-foot-high, 3-foot-diameter cylindrical wire cage around the plants and anchor it to the ground.


Eve said...

I did a test this year to see if I liked staking or tomato cages better. I think the cages were by far the best way to go. Somewhere along the line, I forgot to keep tying up the vines to the stake but the cages did fine on thier own.

Love your blog. I realize this is an older post but I am a tomato fanatic so I usually look for post about tomatoes. LOL I have a square foot garden on the MS Gulf Coast.

Nedekcir said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. I only update this once in a while. Not much to say about my garden once planted I wait for it to fruit then takes pictures.

My husband does all the prep work then I take over LOL.